HEALTH The 81-year-old grandmother regained her vision in full when she made this natural recipe

It can be said that the vision is perhaps the most important sense, because as many as 80 percent of the external stimuli are obtained through sight.

The modern time, the exposure to harmful light emitted by mobile phones, insufficient vitamin and beta-carotid intake, and aging contribute to the type of weakness.

But it is more common for younger people who have vision problems, precisely because of exposure to harmful light.

However, there are some natural treatments that are very useful to improve eyesight.

The following recipe actually helps a 81-year-old woman to recover her eyesight.

She decide to share her experience, and we bring to you her recipe:

– 1 Aloe Vera leaf

– 1 pound of chopped walnuts.

-300 ml of honey

-4 lemons (the juice).

Wash and peel the Aloe Vera leaf. Then proceed to liquefy that crystal. Make sure the mixture is homogeneous, then pour it into a glass container and keep it in the refrigerator.

Place the Aloe Vera smoothie you already have, add the nuts, honey, and juice from the lemons. Mix all the ingredients very well and take a spoonful of this mixture half an hour before each meal.

You should consume this preparation three times a day for a month without interrupting.

You should rest 2 weeks and repeat the treatment until you notice an improvement in your eyesight.

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